University of West Bohemia

Unified University Account (JUK)

JUK is an account that allows you to use your JIS card to pay for services provided by the University of West Bohemia. The JUK is managed by the ISKAM 4 application.

An overview of all the transactions performed and the information about the current balance of funds on the JUK are available to the JUK user at any time.

The JUK is used to pay for services provided by the UWB, i.e. for printing, photocopying, catering in the canteens and cafeterias of the Dormitory and Canteen Administration (SKM) and payments for accommodation and services in the university dormitories managed by the SKM. It is used to submit applications, bookings and to sign contracts for accommodation, all in accordance with the university dormitory accommodation schedule.

More information on the JUK is available at

How to log in to the ISKAM4

Orion Account

An Orion account is the digital identity of a UWB user and allows him/her to use the UWB digital informational services. Every student and most of the UWB employees must have an account in the Orion system.

Local account for future (or former) students of the UWB

This account is available to future students who do not yet have an Orion Account and log in with their email and password. This method can also be used by former students who have finished their studies and do not have the JUK account anymore.